This website has been designed to help careers advisers, recruiters, university and college staff, learners and workers understand how skills and qualifications are recognised across Europe.

You may be advising, recruiting or employing learners and workers from Europe, or looking to study or work abroad.

This portal to the European world of skills and qualifications can help you understand how to:

  • check the level of difficulty of qualifications used in different countries and compare them to your own
  • have confidence that training you or your learners/employees receive abroad is quality assured
  • demonstrate the value of what you (or your learners/employees) learn during a placement abroad
  • describe your qualifications and experiences in a way that’s understood across Europe.

Each page includes links to the databases and frameworks that are maintained by the European collective.

Who we are

Each nation has a number of National Contact Points who, together, comprise a network of European experts on skills and qualifications.

This website is jointly maintained by the National Contact Points of Scotland (SCQF Partnership), Wales (CollegesWales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA Regulation) under the coordination of CollegesWales. See the Contact page for our details.